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We Clear Blocked Drains around Mandurah 

Your Drain Blocked or Broken?

It’s worse than having a blocked nose! That’s why we’ll be right over faster than a Zyrtec!

We’ll get you flowing again!

We’ve got the specialist equipment and experience to find the source of the drain blockage and get it cleared fast! We can often fix the blocked drain without intrusive and extensive works! But no matter the issue, we’ll get it fixed properly the first time!

Get blocked drains fixed fast

Why Choose Us


Fully Licensed Plumbers

You can relax knowing that all work done is done by a fully licensed plumber.

Life Time Labour Guarantee

We’ll fix your drain blockage so it’s a once off event – we do the job properly!

Honest Advice & Solutions

We ascertain the cause of the drain blockage carefully to ensure your peace of mind.

Discounts for Seniors

We believe in giving back to our local community. We look after our dear older ones!

We don’t just clear your blocked drain…

…we clear the cause of the blockage!

Whether it’s your shower drain, sink, toilet or stormwater, we’ll get your pipes flowing freely! We’ll investigate to find out what caused the blocked drain, and we’ll fix not just the blockage but also the cause of the blockage. Blocked drains can be a headache and that’s why we’ll get to you within 24 hours to have it fixed!

Blocked Toilet icon

Blocked Toilets

Thank goodness for that one flush grace! But make the call to Aptus before you forget and need that toilet for round 2! We’ll do the messy work so you can continue your high fibre diet with no dramas!

Blocked Shower Drains

Showers getting shorter and shorter as you try and finish before the water begins flooding into the bathroom? It happens to the best of us – until you call  Aptus that is!

Blocked Drain icon

Grease Blockages

Cooking is a way of life that never stops for some! We’ll locate and clear grease blockages, whether it’s a commercial or private kitchen. FYI we do complementary taste testing on the side in case you’re interested!

Drain Camera Inspections

Waste no time in finding the source of the blockage with our specialist in-pipe camera equipment. You’ll have your drain fixed right the first time, every time!

Here's what our customers have to say!

Our 33 customer reviews have an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars!

  • Nikki C. Avatar

    would just like to send a big shout and Thankyou to Cameron for coming out on such short notice and helping me after the request for plumber and needing... read more

    Nikki C. 25/12/2021
    Georgie P. Avatar

    Can highly recommend, Cameron responded to us promptly and was able to change out hot water system the same day. Great customer service. Thank you!

    Georgie P. 10/05/2022
    jacqui r. Avatar

    We definitely recommend Cameron - He called when he was on his way, and made time on his Saturday to visit our home to repair our leaking water pipe!

    jacqui r. 29/01/2021
  • Catherine H. Avatar

    After calling a million other plumbers and getting laughed at (trying to find a plumber to come out ASAP on a Saturday afternoon) Aptus came to the rescue! Cameron arrived... read more

    Catherine H. 11/07/2021
    Charis T. Avatar

    Nothing worse than your Hot Water System not working on a Saturday when everyone is closed 😩 Cameron came to the rescue and was nothing but prompt, proffessional, friendly and... read more

    Charis T. 11/09/2021
    Sean R. Avatar

    I had blocked drains so I gave Cameron a call and he was at my house 40 mins later.Job was done in roughly 30mins.Nothing but absolute professionalism on his behalf.I... read more

    Sean R. 04/11/2021
  • Quality work + service! We’ve had Cameron from Aptus come out a couple of times now, and will continue to use his services!His customer service is fantastic and so is the quality of work.... read more

    Jess 02/07/2021
    Cat T. Avatar

    Cameron was fantastic, friendly and efficient @ a reasonable price.

    Cat T. 18/09/2021
    Kris N. Avatar

    mint work, polite and friendly, reliable service.

    Kris N. 30/11/2020
  • Kirra C. Avatar

    Cameron responded fast and professionally. Attended to our leak within the hour and job was fixed within the next hour. Great friendly service all around. Thanks 😊👍

    Kirra C. 29/11/2020
    Emma G. Avatar

    After calling numerous other plumbers on a Friday afternoon, we found Aptus! Cameron was prompt (within the hour) and delivered kind and professional service. Thank you for relieving the stress... read more

    Emma G. 16/07/2021
    Chris S. Avatar

    Good friendly service from Aptus Plumbing installing our water filter/retic valve at our home, easy to work with and good communication, I would recommend Cameron to others

    Chris S. 29/11/2020
  • Danielle M. Avatar

    We recently renovated our bathroom and used Cameron, He was very reliable,professional and was able to fit around our schedule, when it came to quoting and getting the job done.... read more

    Danielle M. 01/07/2020
    Charis W. Avatar

    Nothing worse than your Hot Water System not working on a Saturday when everyone is closed 😩Cameron came to the rescue and was nothing but prompt, proffessional, friendly and polite.Was... read more

    Charis W. 18/09/2021
    Matt H. Avatar

    friendly and very quick service, would recommend 👍

    Matt H. 29/01/2021
  • J J. Avatar

    Couldn't find a plumber to get back to me then found these guys. Brilliant, fast and honest. Will use again.

    J J. 05/07/2021
    C E. Avatar

    Thank you Cameron for your high quality professionalism. You are one of best trades who gave us an accuurate arrival time .

    C E. 29/04/2021
    Melanie H. Avatar

    Can’t fault cams work. Nothing is too much trouble and always has a smile. Thanks cam

    Melanie H. 12/11/2020

Common causes of blocked drains!

Blocked drains are caused by a number of different factors outlined below. What’s important is that the cause of the blockage is found and remedied so future episodes don’t happen. This is what differentiates us from your average plumber – we run by happy faces, not by the clock! So we’ll make sure, not only that your drain is cleared, but that the problem causing any blockage is also cleared!

Tree roots

Trees love water, and what better place to take root than in a continuously flowing pipe. We often find broken or blocked drains are caused by tree roots. In fact, tree roots have been known to travel up to 100 metres to find a good water source!

When you call us to fix your blocked drain, you’ll soon know the reason for the blockage. And if it’s tree roots causing the issue, we’ll locate their entry point, remove them from the drain and repair all the damage.


Roots in blocked drain

Cracked or broken pipes

As pipes get older they can become brittle and movement in the Earth can cause them to crack and break. This can lead to blockages as soil or roots enter the pipe system or the pipe itself snags some nasties!

Our specialist in-pipe camera equipment will locate the true cause of your blockage, resulting in a proper fix – whether it’s relining the pipe to avoid excessive earthworks, or to replace the compromised pipeline, ensuring an economical, long term solution that flows freely!


Cracked and broken pipe

Septic tanks getting full

Sometimes drains run slowly because the septic tank is getting full or is compromised. We’ll make sure that the real cause of your blocked drains is fixed so it doesn’t happen again!

Not only do we clear blockages, but we’ll advise you on the best way forward to ensure your plumbing and septic systems are good to go for the years ahead.


Septic tank getting full

Snagged objects

Quite often stuff goes down drains that shouldn’t be there and sometimes this stuff gets stuck! It’s often hard to find exactly where the blockage has taken place, but not so with our specialist in-pipe camera system!

We’ll find the blockage and if possible, fix it by simply clearing out the line with high pressure water. At other times, we’ll extract the snag by opening the pipe – but either way, you can rest assured that the blockage will be fixed properly so there’s no repeat episodes!


Snagged object in pipe

Need to unblock your drains or pipes?

Fully Licensed Plumbers

You can relax knowing that all work done is done by a fully licensed plumber!

Truly Mandurah Local

Support your local community by using Mandurah's truly local plumber!

Lifetime Labour Guarantee

We guarantee that our work will last - We don't run by the clock, we run by happy customers!

Honest Advice & Solutions

We listen carefully to your needs and give an honest appraisal for the best solution.

Utterly Dependable

When you make a booking, we'll be there - on time every time!

Discounts for Seniors

We believe in giving back to our local community. We look after our dear older ones!

We can also help you with these plumbing services:

Blocked Toilet icon

Fix Blocked Toilets

We don’t judge!

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Bathroom Installations

Contemporary bathrooms.

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Fix Leaking Pipes

Save water and headaches down the track!

Get your blocked or broken drains fixed today!


Give us a call or make a booking online and you’ll be flowing freely in no time!