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6 Ways To Clear a Blocked Toilet

A blocked toilet can be a real nightmare that most of us don’t want to experience. Blocked toilets almost always occur at a most inconvenient time, like when you have visitors or when you’re in a rush to get to work! But before we hit panic stations – there’s a few things we can try ourselves to clear a blocked toilet.

The most common sign of a blocked toilet is – quite clearly – that the toilet has a poor flush, meaning it drains slowly, or it doesn’t drain at all! If you are in this situation, try the following options first before calling us, your friendly local toilet blockage experts!

1: The trusty plunger

Many households have a trusty plunger sitting somewhere. If not, you can easily find a trusty plunger at your local hardware store, such as Bunnings, or at a plumbing supplies shop. Be sure to get a plunger specifically designed for plunging blocked toilets – such as a bellow plunger.

A standard bellow plunger
A standard Bellow Plunger
  • Firstly, make sure to position the trusty plunger so it completely covers the bottom of the toilet bowl. Ensuring the plunger is completely submerged in water means the plunger will have a good seal.
  • Once in its correct position, start pumping the plunger vigorously at least 6 times or more while maintaining the good seal. This creates an alternating force of compression and suction that forces the water to go both directions in the drain. Using this action rapidly and repetitively helps you achieve your ultimate goal – dislodging the blockage, resulting in unblocking your toilet.

If using your trusty plunger doesn’t suffice, repeat the action stated above but with a twist of a hot flush as described below.

Plunging a toilet
Plunging a toilet

2: The hot flush

The hot flush method only requires dish soap and most importantly, a small bucket of extremely hot but not boiling water (use the kettle to heat up the water, stopping short of boiling the water). This option cannot be done if the toilet is already full of water or overflowing.

Soapy hot water
Use hot, soapy water
  • Carefully pour the hot water down the toilet followed by the dish soap.
  • Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes as it helps soften the clog. Most of the time, the hot flush can dissolve and flush away whatever is causing the blockage.

You will notice success when the water is slowly draining down the toilet. However, if you suspect that the water is not draining at all after letting the hot water sit for a good period of time, there are two more ingredients that you might want to try adding.

3: The fizzy fix

The fizzy fix is an all-natural solution for blocked toilets using only baking soda and vinegar.

bicarbonate soda for the fizzy fix
Use baking soda and vinegar for the fizzy toilet fix!
  • Start by carefully pouring one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar into the toilet. The two ingredients will work together in breaking down the blockage. Be careful to avoid overflowing bubbles in the toilet bowl.
  • Patiently let these two ingredients sit for half an hour or more to do the fizzy fix!
  • After the breaking down process, pour a hot bucket of water to completely flush away the clog.

This method is proven to be effective unless something foreign and inorganic was accidentally flushed down your toilet. If the clog still persists, there may be a more severe blockage that needs to be removed manually.

4: The hook

You can always try to be creative and use one of the wire coat hangers from your closet.

The trusty coat hanger
The trusty coat hanger
  • Unravel the hanger until it’s straight, with the exception of the hook part.
  • Place a small rag or some duct tape over the end of the hook. A properly wrapped hook prevents your toilet from getting any scratches and porcelain damage.
  • Once the hook is ready to dive in, while wearing rubber gloves, angle the wire and push it into the drain.
  • Repeatedly push and twist the hook until you find the clog and prod away the blockage.

While this is often an effective solution, it’s understandable if you don’t want to stomach this kind of elbow grease. If so, or if this doesn’t work, you can always resort to your next blocked toilet fix option!

5: Plunging with cling wrap

Grab your Glad Wrap or cling wrap, it’s plunging time!

Cling wrap toilet plunging
Plunging the toilet with cling wrap

If you do not have any access to a toilet plunger, and you want to save yourself from all the science and DIY. Cling wrap as a toilet plunger may be the best alternative fix for you! You will only need to have enough cling wrap to cover and seal the toilet for this unclogging method.

  • The first step is to lift the toilet bowl lid and seat to wrap around the toilet thoroughly with cling wrap. Make sure all sides of the toilet bowl is sealed tightly.
  • Then, push down on the cling wrap firmly to apply for pressure and release. Repeat this process to form waves of pressure. If the water is too low, flush to add more and repeat the process until the blockage in your toilet clears.

Just don’t flush the cling wrap down the toilet when you’re done!

6: Toilet still blocked? Get Some Help!

If the above methods just don’t seem to work, then it’s time to call us, your trusted Local Plumber. Aptus Water & Gas has been keeping Peel Region toilets flowing freely since 2014! We’ve seen it all and we have the professional equipment to get the blockage cleared good and proper no matter where it lies!

If the above DIY efforts haven’t cleared the blocked toilet, it is likely that the blockage is deeper in the drainage system and there may be other major causes that only plumbers with knowledge and experience can fix. It is best to leave this to the hands of the professionals to prevent the risk of further damage to your drainage system.

Professional toilet unblocking
Professional unblocking equipment

We are fully qualified and equipped to diagnose and repair blocked drains as we are trained to operate mechanical snake drains, high-pressure water jet cleaners, and locate the blockage accurately. We will ensure you that your drainage and most importantly, your toilet is operational again today!

Call us now – your friendly neighbourhood plumber!

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